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This is a multimedia collaborative writing project hosted by writer/producers Craig DiFolco & Sara Rempe. Welcome collaborators! It may seem a bit confusing at first if you're new to, but play around and you'll see it's fairly user friendly. For Frequently Asked Questions go to

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Click on the word "CONTRIBUTE" to the upper right. (You don't have to sign up and log in, unless you want everyone to see that you made the changes).

To create a character, hit "ADD A PAGE." When it asks you for the title, simply create the character's name and begin to write any and all information about your character. Hit "PUBLISH" whenever you're done. Feel free to add pages for other things like places or events.

To see what others have added, hit "WIKI ACTIVITY." Click on any page that's been created. Once you're on a page, hit "CONTRIBUTE" again and then "EDIT A PAGE" to make any changes you'd like. Don't feel guilty-- they can always change it back! If you want to leave a comment instead of making a change, you can do that at the bottom of the page. You can also hit "RANDOM PAGE" above and it will take you... to a random page.

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